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Herbal Tea


Herbal Tea

Special Desi Chai is claimed to rejuvenate the body, mind & soul by balancing & improving healthy metabolism and reduces ageing process. This green and herbal Special Desi Chai is caffeine free and contains vitamin A, B, B12, C, E calcium, iron, zinc, folic acid and chlorophyll so as to maintain healthy bones, mind, teeth, skin & muscles. These all herbs are rich in anti-oxidants, which eliminate damaging free radicals in the body.

How To Use:

Add 20 gm Special Desi Chai in one cup boiling water with Sugar/Honey/Gur as per taste. Double the quantity when serving ice with lemon. Best when consumed without milk & sugar. For maximum health benefits take two to three times in a day or as directed by the physician.

Benefits Of Herbal Tea

Fit Tea

Anti Ageing Tea

Anti-Oxidant Tea

Anti-Oxidant Tea

Stress Relieving Tea

Cell Rejuventing Tea

Stress Rejuventing Tea

Stress Rejuventing Tea

Body Detoxifying Tea

Metabolism improving Tea

Multi-Vitamin & Minerals full Tea


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